How to know a teacher

buddha luca santos

How to know a teacher



As some one on the spiritual path and in a teaching position, I aspire to only speak the truth. I can not be and don’t know how to be any other way. I am often asked a question that is profound and not easily answered; “How do I know and recognize a true teacher?”




There are enumerable paths to the divine and though they may be perceived as different, they all lead us to our ultimate destination. On this journey as seekers we will encounter many teachers. Some will have a stronger and everlasting impact in our lives and we will forever imbibe their effulgence and essence as though intertwined as one. Some may impress upon us qualities we aspire for and their energy propels us forward for a time, until the momentum is lost, and we move on. Some teach us and when there is not more to learn from them we depart lovingly and in gratitude. Some are there to open our eyes to deception, as they have mastered the art of human deception. And though their goal is ultimately selfish gains on this physical plane, due to our own faith, we will still learn from them and grow. Some of us will awaken from the deception and some won’t.  Either way the journey will eventually lead us home, though there may be obstacles and set backs.


True teachers will continuously move you in that direction where you will find the teacher within. They will make you less and less dependent upon them and more and more independent, less of an enslavement and more of a liberation. Its less about them and more about you. They are selfless and always put the well being of their students before anything else. Therefore beloved, make it about the teaching and less about the teacher. Learn from them, put into practice what works for you and leave the ones that don’t.


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