Introduction to the wisdom of Ayurveda seminar

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Tap into the wisdom of ancient sages and masters and discover the basic tools that will lead you to be healed from within. Discover how the 5000 year(s) old science is still relevant in the modern times to restore health naturally. Eating according to your Dosha (constitution) and other important factors that influence all aspects of your life can enhance your being. Create your body, mind, emotion and energy the way you want.

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Goal for this work shop is to provide basic information about this science and start you on your path to healing and wellbeing.

  • Unlock your full physical, emotional and spiritual healing potential, utilizing the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda
  • Explore the knowledge of Ayurveda as it pertains to the dosha or constitution
  • Learn about the nature of the 5 elements and their influence on the doshas
  • Become empowered to take charge of your own health and healing